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It’s the future , and we can make sure your business is part of it.  We will create your eCommerce store from start to finish, then we teach you how to keep it running like a dream.

You can be selling online, in a week from now with the whole world as your customer. 


It’s a beautiful day to delegate repetitive work to machines. We believe that if you have to do the same something more than three times everyday, you need to look to automate it.

Automated emailers, to a completely automated lead generation process, the possibilities are endless.

Strategic Intent

Our access to information is infinite, our time to execute is not. We take all those conversation of “We should do this” and never gets done to “We know what we doing” and getting it done.

Work we can be proud of...

eCommerce Site

Membership Site

eCommerce Site

eCommerce Site

Membership Site

Landing Page – Future eCom site

“Those in the market for average are spoilt for choice.”

Rich Mulholland


Trevor assisted me with setting up an online travel accessories shop via Shopify and website and emails. He was wonderful from start to finish. Very knowledgeable with very good insights , advice, and tips and tricks that I would never have known myself. He was efficient, always available and really helped my online dream take shape. I am so thankful for his service and efficiency and very invaluable input and the costs were so reasonable too! I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Feral has been instrumental in changing my company into a much more serious and structured business. Through facilitated workshops, they have helped to pull the business apart into all the different facets and to re-weave things so that they work! The brainstorming has allowed us to better understand our market and enabled us to pinpoint marketing strategy and possible marketing avenues. Once this was in place, they set forth to help us use different marketing tools to expand and get maximum coverage. Feral have created marketing platforms and have been very helpful and professional on how to use these platforms to get maximum market exposure. I would highly recommend their services!
Chris Bladen
We have been working with Feral since they first started out in business. For us Marketing Strategy is Business Strategy, and is core to our success as a business. The most valuable thing that Feral has done for us, is to allow us to step back from our business, take a critical look at the market, our value proposition, the way we communicate and how we use the latest technology effectively in our marketing. The process with Feral, apart from being fun and inspiring, allows us to really push the boundaries.

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